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Bears Canyon Trek

Bears Canyon Trek

South western Iran is generally best to visit during the colder season. Autumn is the start of spring time in Khuzestan and in mid winter the temperature in most places varies between 25 to 30 degrees. The specific climate of the region has formed magnificent landscape diversity from sand deserts to the numerous gorges with dramatic tall cliffs rising out of water as well as breathtaking canyons and waterfalls. If discovering hidden gems is the goal of your visit in Iran, join us on a magical trip to Khuzestan province where a touch of ancient history meets with natural beauty beyond imagination.

Dez-Dam Lake and Bears canyon trek

The following trip is highly recommended to enjoy the beauties of Southwestern Iran

Pricing: 240EUR/person

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  1. Göbelsmann

    Hello, i am in Yazd from 20th to 22nd april 2019. After that i have got around 5 days time. I would like to know how many days the Bears canyon trek is and if there is a possibility to start around 22nd april 2019. How many people would be next to me in the group?
    Could you offer any other great trip that lasts at least 3 days and shows me impressive nature in the southern part of Iran?
    All the best from cologne,

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